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      1. 你qq回复我一下啊,放心吧,我绝对不会盗版,我都是自己看的,以前有个同好也是自己实践的视频,我商量了一个晚上他才肯卖给我,我从来没跟任何人分享过,不信我可以给你看下截图,我条件挺好的没必要用这个来赚钱,就是很喜欢,我为了买联系你一个星期了大兄弟你QQ都没回话,论坛也问了。。。还不容易找到这里来

  1. 其实的,我也喜欢被虐,我是扎完之后再在肚脐上涂指甲油的,很痛。真不知道那些女生为什么会去选择虐自己…

  2. I love stomach sound(digestion). Can you make this video for me?? I m looking forward to watching this video. If you make the video, i m going to buy it!!!

  3. Sorry for comment here, I get an error while sending message to contact the site owner.
    I’m in Portugal and when I try to buy by PayPal I get an zip or postal code error.

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